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Piano Maintenance

A piano should be tuned every six months. Using a qualified technician for piano tuning in Minneapolis, MN, regularly can prevent costly repairs and help make your piano sound great for many years. If your piano has not been tuned in the last six months to a year, it may need additional tuning work. That work may involve a pitch raise and one or two tunings. Consult with our professional technicians at Gavin Piano for further information.
Humidity changes play a big part in why your piano goes out of tune. Installation of a humidity control system in a piano is one of the best things you can do to protect and preserve your piano. Only a qualified piano technician should install humidity control systems.
In addition to piano tuning and humidity control approximately every five to ten years, your piano will require some maintenance, e.g., cleaning, reshaping hammers, tightening binding screws, lubrication of parts, and easing friction from the keys. Also, regulation and voicing may be necessary as your piano ages. Our professional piano tuning services in St. Paul, MN, can inform you in more detail of the care required for your beautiful piano.
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